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The STARTUP GO accelerator is a Berlin-based accelerator looking for the best digital entrepreneurs in consumer goods and retail.

We’re more than just an accelerator: we provide global start up opportunities from day one through our global partner European Innovation Hub, who is executing the program in Berlin. Strong connections to the main startup-cities in London, Stockholm, TelAviv and the Silicon Valley are part of our approach as well as expertise from international retail and consumer experts.




All 20 selected STARTUP GO startups are offered an amazing package of mentorship, cash, office space, and deals:


€ 20,000 in cash per team

Rapid Growth

3 intense months of mentorship and business developement

Dedicated Support

€ 200,000 worth in free partner and expert services

Investor Access

A highly visible Demo Day with access to 200-300 investors

Global Networking

Invitation to the global network of the European Innovation Hub and leading partners in consumer & retail

Wide Scope

Multi-Channel-Concepts, Payment, In-Store-Technology, Security, Supply Chain, Big Data Analytics, E-Commerce, Purchasing,Logistics, Customer Journey, Branding


Welcome to the Consumer & Retail- Accelerator!

If you are an individual interested in joining our program, you can apply to StartupGO now and you might just have the opportunity to rocket your business to success! Fill out our form with your pitch deck and a general description of your business idea and your team. Are you a solo entrepreneur willing to discover if your idea has potential? Apply as well! We will be in touch shortly to discuss more details with you.